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Marcos Ramone

3D Generalist Crowd TD

Budweiser 'Vintage Store'

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Post-Production by: Full Frame / Directed by: TOMAT
For the beer brand "Budweiser"

 What I did: Modeling, Shadding and Texture of the Bridge, Sound Towers and of the Comunication Buiding
(on the right corner). Texture and Shadding of the stage and the dome. Fluid Simulation on the botton right. 
I also help the creation of the crowd.

What I did: Modeling of the objects on the suface of the satellite and the monitor,
Shadding, Texture and Lighting of the Satellite.

I've working with vfx for the past eight years. During this time I had the privilege to help to create a lot of incredibles projects, from tv shows to commercials for well-know brands like Coca-Cola, Fiat, Lacta, Pepsi, Brahma and Budweiser. Today my specialty and passion is to create digital crowds using the best tools on the market.

+44 079 8117 5777
London, UK