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Marcos Ramone

3D Generalist Crowd TD

Lacta 'Senses'

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Post-Production by: Full Frame / Directed by: TOMAT
For the chocolate brand "Lacta"

What I did: Shadding and Animation of the turbine. Animation of the chocolate bar.

What I did: Modeling of chocolate chunk with ZBrush, Fluid Simulation of the melting chocolate.

What I did: Modeling of the chocolate chunk for 3D Projection.

What I did: Modeling of chocolate chunks with ZBrush,

What I did: Modeling, Texture and Shadding of the Lacta Package.

I've working with vfx for the past eight years. During this time I had the privilege to help to create a lot of incredibles projects, from tv shows to commercials for well-know brands like Coca-Cola, Fiat, Lacta, Pepsi, Brahma and Budweiser. Today my specialty and passion is to create digital crowds using the best tools on the market.

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London, UK